Rebekah's Story

Rebekah Bradley is a singer/ songwriter musician from the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

At four years old, Rebekah would come home from church and pluck out tunes she heard at church. Her mother, Linda Bradley, quickly started her with piano lessons with a teacher that she would continue with almost until the end of high school.

At 13, Rebekah started taking lessons on the harp, and a little while later, picked up the guitar and taught herself basic chords.  Around the same time, she started writing songs and that started her on the adventure of songwriting and recording.

At 16, they started going to Robby Meadows Studio Productions/ Alive Studios in Harrisonburg, Virginia to record songs.  Three years later, her album "Into Time" was set to release.

Rebekah's style of music is very unique. The most important thing to her is her faith, so naturally, many of her songs are faith based or have Christian themes. Most of the songs are ballads that tell different stories and make the listener think and look at things in different ways.  She mainly uses piano and guitar as instrumentals for her songs and incorporates harmonies, all for a very authentic sound.  Also, there is the use of certain sound effects to bring the listener into the story so they feel as though they are there experiencing what the character of the song is experiencing.  It all contributes to a very different and striking sound.

Her music has always been influenced by a wide number of genres. She's always loved instrumental movie tracks, but she also grew up with Gospel, Country, Classic Rock, Pop,Folk, Broadway, and Classical Music. All contribute to her lyrics and sound.

In September of 2015, "A Silent Cry", which was a single from the upcoming album, was released. That was then followed by the Album "Into Time", which came out  in March of 2016.