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Rebekah Bradley is a singer/ songwriter musician from the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Rebekah's style of music is very unique. The most important thing to her is her faith, so naturally, many of her songs are faith based or have Christian themes. Most of the songs are ballads that tell different stories and make the listener think and look at things in different ways.  She mainly uses piano and guitar as instrumentals for her songs and incorporates harmonies, all for a very authentic sound.  Also, there is the use of certain sound effects to bring the listener into the story so they feel as though they are there experiencing what the character of the song is experiencing.  It all contributes to a very different and striking sound.


Album Available For Pre-Order on ITunes!!!! 

It's finally up!!!! You can now buy the album, "Into Time" on pre-order on ITunes! When you buy it, you will immediately get the tracks "A Silent Cry" and "Say Something." The whole album will become available on March 25th. 

Here's the link to buy it! 


ITunes Release and Pre-order Date Announcment and Track List 

Hey Guys!

I am SO excited and pleased to announce that my album will be available on ITunes on March 25th and will be available for pre-order on March 15th!!!

My album "Into Time" will have ten original songs and four of my cover songs.

This is the Track list.

1. Time Machine

2. A Silent Cry

3. Mask

4. Picture of Freedom

5. Drowning in the Rain

6. Forever and Always

7. Fireflies

8. Dust to Dust

9. Aliens

10. The One

11. As Long as You Love Me

12. Skyscraper

13. Dream On 

14. Say Something (feat. Noah Ray)


Everything is starting to come together at last!!! It seems that things I thought were going to be simple . . . were not so simple. But my hard copy CD's should be printing any day now, and if (God forbid) something happens with that, then my album will still be coming out on ITunes an also this site. So, STAY TUNED!!  And be sure to sign up to the email mailing list to be the first to receive updates! :D

Album Coming 


I've just sent the artwork and the script in. I'm about to send in the music! hopefully this will soon mean an end to a three year project.
Talk about a learning experience! An expensive one at that . . . but so worth it. I'm really excited to see what you guys think of all my original songs. :D

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